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Looking for Modern Cosmo Heroine

Join our affiliate program through Shopify Collabs to earn commission promoting your favorite SAU LEE pieces. SAU LEE invites each woman to live her reverie as a personal statement, every piece from SAU LEE crafted to effortlessly captivate her audience. The SAU LEE girl is a hero of her own story, a modern cosmopolitan girl in every sense of herself inside and out.

Join Us!

Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes

Every month, you will get the opportunity to select a piece to be shipped to you to create captivating moments.

As part of the partnership, we will offer your audience an exclusive 15% off promo code.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Set up a Shopify account and apply for SAU LEE’s affiliate program
  2. Once approved, access Gifts to select a SAU LEE piece to be shipped to you
  3. Use the unique affiliate link generated by Shopify Collabs when sharing with your audience to ensure we capture every referral


  • SAU LEE reserves the right to modify the Affiliate Program or discontinue partnership at any time for any reason without notice. ​
  • Partner bears no financial contribution to participate in the Program and may choose to discontinue the partnership at any time for any reason with a minimum of 7-days' notice. ​
  • Partner is solely responsible in ensuring that all information provided to Shopify Collabs is accurate, including but not limited to: banking details, contact information, mailing addresses, etc. ​
  • Commissions shall only be disbursed to Partner upon final calculation and confirmation by SAU LEE. ​
  • It is the Partner’s sole responsibility to ensure all referrals must use the Affiliate URL provided to validate commission.  ​
  • Any and all transactions made on that were not recorded because the referral had not used the Partner’s Affiliate URL will be excluded from the Partner’s commission. ​
  • Commissions shall only apply to purchases made directly on
  • All content/material created by Partner on behalf of SAU LEE must follow the Program’s guidelines.
  • Partner must adhere to the Terms & Conditions of Shopify Collabs as well as Meta’s Community Guidelines. ​
  • Partner must ensure any and all content/material created and promoted are consistent with the image and tone of the brand’s official channels, and must not be salacious, suggestive, manipulative, or misrepresentative in nature. ​
  • Partner’s affiliate URL may not be embedded into any third-party discount platform/site or lead generation tool that has not been approved by the brand. ​
  • All supporting content/material created by the partner is produced at the partner’s discretion and sole responsibility. 
  • SAU LEE shall be indemnified against any legal actions taken against the partner. ​
  • SAU LEE shall not bear any cost for production or promotion of content/material elected by the partner. ​
  • SAU LEE retains ownership and rights of any and all assets, materials, or product samples provided by the brand to partner. ​
  • SAU LEE reserves the right to require partner to remove any assets or materials as needed. ​
  • SAU LEE reserves the right to final decision on any and all matters or disputes.