Glamorous, sexy and sensual.

Explore the new arrivals from our Spring/Summer '23 collection for a fresh new
look to elevate your wardrobe. Playfully sophisticated silhouettes, sumptuous
colors, and original prints tailored to perfection.


Tiffany Hsu

Fun, flirty, and ready for love!

This season, we’re honouring today’s heroines as our Spring Fling Queens. Brilliant, genuine, and forever chic. They’re making the most of this new year, new possibilities, and new love. 

It’s all about falling in love with yourself again in full bloom #LovingMeInSauLee 

Global fashion it-girl, Tiffany is a revered business woman and true arbiter of international style. She believes fashion is wearable art and should be just as emotional as it is functional. Inspiring us all to be more confident and cherish who we are in our truest form.


Glamorous women, champagne, and hot pot!

We threw a fabulous party to celebrate the new year with a taste of indulgence and soul of our contemporary fashion house.

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